Adventures of Superman 544 – the new Intergang


Kesel, Immonen and Marzan create a new version of Intergang in Adventures of Superman 544 (March 1997).


The story has an exceptionally memorable opening, with Clark Kent getting gunned down by an old-fashioned looking hitman on a city street, and discovered by Lois Lane and Clark Kent.


An autopsy shows that the body was clearly a clone, and not a finished one, a “flesh suit” its how its described. The Guardian comments that this seems like Dabney Donovan’s work, but of course he’s dead…

The killer looks very similar to an actual gangster from the 30s, and Lois and Clark seek him out, wondering if he has a son who could be the killer.  The man is very open and friendly, and after they leave promptly kills himself.


Back at the Planet, Clark learns that Franklin Stern has hired Simone DeNeige as a marketing consultant.  She continues to openly flirt with Clark, even though Lois is right there.


Vinnie Edge gets a number of former Intergang members together, to re-vitalize the dormant organization under the leadership of the aging Boss Moxie.  But Moxie is really a clone bomb, and the old Intergang members are destroyed, with Vinnie Edge strangled to death by the new, clone mob of Intergang.


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