Adventures of Superman 542 – Superman goes to Cadmus for help


Kesel and Marzan are joined by Paul Ryan for the story in Adventures of Superman 542 (Jan. 97).


With his powers still not working, Superman comes to Cadmus for help.  The issue is largely spent there, and gives us a chance to see the original and cloned Newsboy Legion as well as Angry Charlie all running rampant.  Floyd Barstow is frightened that he will become Anomaly with Superman around, and runs off to hide in the tunnels.


As the Guardian tries to find a way to recharge Superman, Misa returns to Cadmus, making the place even crazier than it already is.  But once she has had her fun, she leaves.  Cadmus is unable to find anything to reboot Superman’s powers, but are able to lend him the Whiz Wagon so that he can reach Emil Hamilton in the Fortress.


In the tunnels, Floyd Barstow is approached by a mysterious man who promises to help him.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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