Adventures of Superman 539 – an unhappy Anomaly


Cadmus is in focus in Adventures of Superman 539 (Oct.96), by Kesel, Ordway, Ron Lim and Klaus Janson.


Misa, the daughter of one of the Hairies created by Cadmus, breaks in to check the place out.  She had recently been introduced in the pages of Superman.  Floyd Barstow, the clone of a gangster from the 30s, tries to fight her off, but she flees.  Barstow had first appeared in a Jimmy Olsen story back during the Kirby run in the early 70s.


Although cloned from a killer, he has none of those impulses anymore, and has taken the Guardian’s place, tending to the Newsboy Legion clones.  But he finds his body altering out of his control.


He winds up taking on the attributes of whatever substance he touches, and goes into a violent rampage, facing off against Superman.  His personality undergoes a total change when he becomes Anomaly, but has only vague memories of what occurred when in that form.  He manages to get away from Superman, but is none too happy about what has happened.


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