Adventures of Superman 538 – a Superman Obsession


Dana Dearden reveals her true nature in Adventures of Superman 538 (Sept.96), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


It’s a big day at the office for Clark Kent.  It doesn’t start very well, though, as he faces Sam and Ella Lane.  Sam blames Clark for the break up of him and Lois in the previous issue of Superman.


Perry White then announces to the Daily Planet staff that he has cancer, and that Clark will be stepping in as managing editor while Perry undergoes chemo.  Franklin Stern, the publisher, expresses his faith in Clark.


Dana Dearden invites Jimmy Olsen over, supposedly to reconcile, but actually to steal his signal watch.  She dons her new costume, and calls on Superman.  She has always been in love with him, and only dated Jimmy to get close to him.


Superman has no interest in the woman, who is referred to as Obsession, though she does not call herself that.  She is essentially a female version of Captain Marvel, with her powers derived from mythological gods.  But she is not evil, aside from her pursuit of Superman.  When a lightning blast from her powers damages a ship in the harbour, she does all she can to save the people on board, thrilled to be working alongside Superman.

Obsession appears to die in the ship’s explosion at the end of the issue, but we all know better than that.

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