Adventures of Superman 536 – Brainiac switches brains


Tom Peyer and Mark Waid begin a story arc dealing with Brainiac in Adventures of Superman 536 (July 1996), with a large artistic team: Chris Renaud, Curt Swan, Steven Butler, Chris Marrinan, Dick Giordano and Pamela Eklund.


The story opens in an institution for the mentally ill, centring on a teenage boy who believes that he is Superman.


Brainiac has been out of it since the end of Dead Again, but gets his mind back in this story, rapidly taking control of the hospital staff tending him.


Brainiac causes enough problem to lure Superman to the institution, where he executes his plan.


Brainiac switches his mind into Superman’s body, and Superman’s mind into that of the disturbed boy.  What happens to Brainiac’s body is not revealed.  The story ends on a good note, with the boy insisting that he is really Superman, but of course they don’t believe him, they never do.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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