Adventures of Superman 535 – a present of Alpha Centurion


Lex Luthor and Contessa Erica del Portenza get engaged to open Adventures of Superman 535 (June 1996), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


Erica has recruited the Alpha Centurion to lead her restructured Lexcorp “troops.”  The Centurion is now very popular with the public, improving the image of the company, this is her “gift” to Luthor.  Although he appears thankful, he spends the rest of the story setting up and executing a plan to mar the Centurion’s image.


Dana Dearden accompanies Jimmy to a banquet that is meant to be in Superman’s honour, although the hero does not show.  Dana is very unhappy that the Centurion takes Superman’s place.  And Jimmy is uncomfortable when Ron Troupe arrives with Lucy Lane as his date.


As the Centurion tries to deal with troops who go on the attack (because Luthor controls their armor), we also follow Superman with the Kents, rebuilding their house and getting their perspective on his current relationship problems with Lois.  Lois, for her part, has a similar discussion with Lori Lemaris.


The story ends with a stressed Cat Grant insisting that every news broadcast end with a story about Morgan Edge escaping prison, while Dana breaks up with Jimmy and quits her job.



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