Adventures of Superman Annual 7 – Maggie Sawyer comes to town


Karl Kesel is joined by Ron Wagner and Josef Rubenstein on Adventures of Superman Annual 7, one of the Year One annuals.


This one contains the earliest appearance of Maggie Sawyer, a police officer from Star City, still married to her husband at this time.  She meets Dan Turpin and Inspector Henderson for the first time, and a major theme to this story is how the police will come to operate with Superman in their city.


The story also backdates Intergang, as Ugly Mannheim takes over, referring to his father, Boss Moxie, as on earlier head of the organization.  Mannheim has already made his connections with Apokolips, and brings Kalibak through a Boom Tube, pitting him against Superman.


The ensuing battle gives Superman his first combat with someone on the same power scale as himself.  Maggie acquits herself well, better than the SWAT leader who is anti-Superman.  As the story ends, Henderson and Turpin discuss the formation of the Special Crimes Unit, and intend to bring Maggie Sawyer to Metropolis to run it.

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