Adventures of Superman 533 – Superman and Impulse run around


Superman needs some help in Adventures of Superman 533 (March 1996), and Kesel, Immonen and Marzan provide it.


The Scavenger, most recently seen in Superboy, sends Superman on a hunt around the world for a series of bombs.  Superman calls Jay Garrick for help, but rather than come himself, he sends Impulse.  Superman regrets this almost immediately.  But it does make for a fun, globe-hopping romp.


Back in Metropolis Jimmy and Dana Dearden go to an exhibition, where one of the items on display is a melted grouping of coins with the heads of four gods, rumoured to endow one with super-powers.


It takes Superman an awfully long time to realize that the purpose of the Scavenger’s bombs is simply to keep him out of Metropolis.  When he does get back, the Alpha Centurion is already getting the best of the bad guy, who teleports away when Superman arrives.

The melted coins have also gone missing, but Superman does not think the Scavenger has them.


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