Adventures of Superman 532 – the return of Lori Lemaris


Lori Lemaris, Clark Kent’s college sweetheart, makes her big return in the Kesel, Immonen and Marzan story in Adventures of Superman 532 (Feb. 96).


The police fish Lori out of the sea, naked, and bring her to the station.  She has them call Clark, who shows up immediately.  He had believed Lori had died. Now not only is she back, but she has legs.  It’s the Splash situation, legs when dry, tail when wet.  He brings her home, to the displeasure of Lois Lane.


She fills in the blanks.  Ronal had used a legendary magic staff to cure her, but she let Superman believe she was dead, to make things easier for her.  The staff had a terrible effect on Ronal, giving him great powers but at the cost of his mind.  He had become a danger, trying to kill Lori, who came to Metropolis for help.


Ronal shows up, and Superman destroys the staff, which turns him into a statue.


There are some romantic subplots.  A jealous Lois meets up with the Alpha Centurion.  As Clark gives a rundown on the events with Ronal to Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen, he also meets Jimmy’s new girlfriend, Dana Dearden.


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