Adventures of Superman 529 – Superman in prison

Kesel, Immonen and Marzan dive into the Trial of Superman with Adventures of Superman 529 (Nov. 95).


Dana Dearden makes her debut in this story, as she and Cat Grant watch Jimmy Olsen as a newscaster.  Jimmy has shown himself quite capable, and a feather in Grant’s hat, to the displeasure of Vinnie Edge.


Superman has been captured by the Tribunal.  These are alien judges, who impose their extreme “morality” on other races, ignoring the native cultures and their values.  They are holding Superman guilty for the cold and remote nature of Kryptonians, and the destruction of the planet. There is some interesting potential in the concept, but it’s not played out well.  Superman busts free, with some of the other prisoners.


Alpha Centurion puts together a crew to rescue Superman, using his ship to find him.  Superboy, Supergirl and Steel all join, although they do not fully trust the Centurion – particularly Superboy.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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