Adventures of Superman 526 – Bloodsport vs Bloodsport


The warden of Stryker’s Island prison has the worst idea of his life in the story by Kesel, Rodolfo DiMaggio and Klaus Janson in Adventures of Superman 526 (Aug. 95).


Cat Grant and Lois Lane have become good friends, so different from their relationship a few years earlier.  They share a pleasant scene, discussing work issues, and fending off a sleazy pick-up.


Bloodsport and Bloodsport are pitted against each other in a boxing match at the prison.  Although both are crazed killers, one cannot help but root for the original.  While he is clearly out of his mind, poorly processing reality, the second one is just a hateful racist bigot.  As anyone except the warden would have guessed, once the match gets heated, the teleporting weapons come back, and a racially based prison riot breaks out.


Superman, not being an idiot, saw it coming, and does his best to bring a stop to the situation.  But though he captures the white Bloodsport, the black one gets gunned down by the guards.


Vinnie Edge, found guilty of sexual harassment, takes his vengeance on Cat Grant by appointing her head of the GBS news division, wanting her to fail big time.


The white Bloodsport does not survive past the end of this issue either.  His own people turn against him, as he failed in the boxing match against the other Bloodsport, “demeaning his race.”  Good.

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