Adventures of Superman 525 – Superman goes for coffee


Adventures of Superman 525 (July 1995) serves as an epilogue to the Death of Clark Kent storyline, by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


Hey, is that Hope and Mercy?  Nope.  Those two were yet to come, but the two high power women in this story are forerunners, coming to take possession of the barely-alive Lex Luthor.


Lois Lane has been trying to catch up with Superman and the Kents for a while now, but when she finally does, it’s st such speeds that there are police pursuing her.  It makes for one of the better sequences in the story arc.  Lois is so glad to finally reach them, and they to see that she is still alive, that the fact that Superman has to arrest her makes it hilarious.


Superman is still of the opinion that life will be better, and safer for his parents, if his Clark Kent identity stays dead.  Lois demands that he go, as Superman, into a restaurant to get a cup of coffee.  The reactions of all the people inside illustrate what Lois has been trying to tell him.  That he cannot have any element of normal, relaxing, life as Superman.  And so he decides to bring back Clark.




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