Adventures of Superman 522 – fixing Metropolis


Perry White narrates the story of the rebuilding of Metropolis as an editorial in the Daily Planet, in the Kesel, Immonen and Marzan story in Adventures of Superman 522 (April 1995).


Following the events of Zero Hour, Superman brings Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Guy Gardner, Impulse, the Martian Manhunter and Maxima back to the city, still in ruins.  The Newstime building sits unscathed amid the rubble.


The heroes work to rebuild the city, but the destruction is so massive, even their efforts are a drop in the bucket. But then Zatanna shows up, “called” by a vision of the heroes at work.  Using the Martian Manhunter as a telepathic link, she gets the impression of how the city looked from the minds of Superman and Perry White, and uses her magic to restore it.


It’s not the worst explanation for the sudden return of Metropolis, though I would much have preferred to see the characters coping with the disaster.  In a couple of years, Gotham would undergo a destructive earthquake, and much more would be made of that.


Collin Thornton is revealed as the mover behind this.  He used the magical powers he has as Satanus to call Zatanna, creating the vision she never questioned.  I did love this character, but he really was never used very well.



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