Adventures of Superman 520 – Night of a Hundred Thieves


Stuart Immonen and Jose Marzan Jr become the new artistic team with Adventures of Superman 520 (Feb. 95), joining Karl Kesel for a very entertaining one shot story that uses a lot of minor villains from the DC Universe.


It’s Christmas Eve, and a concept has circulated in the underworld, of having a hundred thieves hit Metropolis that night, figuring it would keep Superman too busy to catch them all.  Superman learns this from Loophole, capturing him while out trying to find a Debbi doll, the big popular present that year, for Lois.


The Untouchables, last seen in Hawk & Dove, make an appearance, as does Captain Boomering, between Suicide Squad stints.


The Royal Flush Gang fare better than the others, lasting about three whole pages before Superman takes them down.


And Punch and Jewelee all but steal the show as the final two thieves, searching for presents for their baby.  Superman gets rewarded for capturing them by being given the Debbi doll he was hunting for.

The Debbi doll, by the way, is a reference to a 1960’s Archie type series published by DC, called Date With Debbi.




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