Adventures of Superman 518 – Darkseid gives a clue


Dead Again continues in Adventures of Superman 518 (Dec. 94), as Kesel, Kitson, McCarthy and Steve Montano send Superman to Apokolips.


Superman has decided that Darkseid must be responsible for the corpse in the tomb, and heads to Apokolips to confront him.  He winds up having to face off against Vermin Vundabarr, Granny Goodness, and a whole host of the Female Furies.


Darkseid orders Kanto to take care of Superman, and he does this by trying to kill thousands of lowlies, figuring this would traumatize Superman.  But Superman saves them, and tosses Kanto into a firepit.


Darkseid calmly informs Superman that he is not the one behind his latest problems, and even gives him a good hint, which Superman pays no attention to.  The situation is clearly wearing on him, as he is acting far more abrupt an impulsive than he usually does.

We also see that Darkseid is in possession of the currently dormant remains of the Cyborg Superman.

Dead Again continues in the next issue of Action.


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