Adventures of Superman 517 – Deathtrap debuts


As well as being the first major chapter of Dead Again, Adventures of Superman 517 (Nov. 94) introduces Deathtrap, a re-working of the pre-Crisis Superman villain the Master Jailer, by Kesel, Kitson and McCarthy.


As before, Carl Draper is a prison designer who specializes in incarcerating super-villains, and Kitty Faulkner calls him in to work on dealing with Conduit.


This version of Carl Draper is wealthy and successful, with a teenage daughter wanting attention from her preoccupied father.


The Dead Again storyline deals with a Superman corpse found in the tomb, and the possibility that Superman is not who he says he is.  Draper appears in holographic form, calling himself Deathtrap, with a mechanical force-field that Superman cannot penetrate.  The force field also seals off Superman’s air supply, and will suffocate him unless he can escape it, as Deathtrap insists only the real Superman could do.


After trying to destroy the machine creating the field, outracing it, and freezing it in the depths of space, Superman finally succeeds by leading it into a blast furnace.


The story ends as Carla finds out her father is really Deathtrap.

Dead Again continues in the next issue of Action.


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