Adventures of Superman 515 – Massacre comes to Earth


Metropolis is in ruins, and things continue to get worse as Massacre comes to town in Adventures of Superman 515 (Aug. 94), by Kesel, Kitson and McCarthy.


It’s a dramatic arrival, crash landing in the rubble, and Massacre is followed by a scavenger, who spends his life picking through what is left after Massacre has his fun.


Also wandering in the rubble are Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, as well as Lucy Lane. When Massacre show, Jimmy and Lois stick around to observe, but Lucy takes off, and meets a wanna-be band, the Riot Grrls.


Superman figures out that Massacre is able to read nerve impulses, giving him that moment of telepathic advantage.  So Superman simply presses his attack as fast as he can, keeping the villain off kilter.  But when his scavenger gets seriously injured, Massacre stops fighting to retrieve him.  Superman allows him to leave, thinking he is taking his “bug” for medical care.  In fact, Massacre is just disposing of the body, and now feels that Superman deserves a more personal revenge.



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