Adventures of Superman 510 – Bizarro wants to save Lois, again and again and again


Kesel, Kitson, McCarthy and Jackson Guice share the second chapter in Bizarro’s World in Adventures of Superman 510 (March 1994), easily my favourite issue from the story arc.


Superman has been having problems with his powers since returning to Earth.  They have increased, to the point where he is barely able to control them.  The ones that require delicate use, like super-hearing, are all but useless.


This means that he finds it all but impossible to track down Lois Lane, after she has been kidnapped by Bizarro.  He has taken her to a warehouse, where he has constructed his own little world.  A world of dangerous perils, which he can save Lois from, over and over.


Also in this story arc, a plague has hit a number of clones.  The Newsboy Legion, as adults, look after their younger counterparts, who have been ailing.  But not all clones are affected, as the Guardian is fine.


Lois tries to learn what she can about Bizarro, as he asks her to write up his heroic actions.  When he tries to recall his origin, he muddles it with that of Superman, but the involvement of Lex Luthor Jr. does emerge.


And as for Lex, his body is getting ravaged by the plague as well.


Lois manages to climb out and onto the roof of the warehouse, distracting Bizarro by knocking his version of the Daily Planet globe onto him.


And as the story ends, Cat Grant announces on live tv the suit that she and other women at GBS have brought against Vinnie Edge for sexual harassment, which results in him being arrested.

Bizarro’s World continues in the next issue of Action.


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