Adventures of Superman 509 – Massacre debuts


Kesel, Kitson and McCarthy continue with Superman’s travels in space, lost after the events in the more recent issue of Superman – The Man of Steel, in Adventures of Superman 509 (Feb. 94).


A new villain is introduced for Superman, an energy being who can coalesce into a very strong form, with limited telepathy, called Massacre.  He has been attacking Auron, the artificial being created by Cadmus, carrying Superman’s DNA record.


Superman gets into the middle of their battle, but Auron does not believe that Superman is who he claims to be, as he was sent out from Earth while the hero was dead. But all he has to do is match the DNA, and his identity is confirmed.


Superman fails to stop Massacre, who kills Auron and then heads off for Earth, showing up a few months down the road.

Although I like the new villain, and the art, the story really seems a wasteful end to Auron.  So little was done with the character he barely seemed worth using.


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