Adventures of Superman 507 – the new Bloodsport makes Superman choose


Barry Kitson and Ray McCarthy join Karl Kesel as the new artistic team on Adventures of Superman 507 (Dec. 93), the first chapter of the Spilled Blood storyline, which introduces a new Bloodsport.


Like the original, Bloodsport is able to teleport weaponry into his hand.  But now only is this version of the character a white man, he is a violent racist, who kills any non-whites he comes across during the course of the story.


Clark Kent is back at the Daily Planet, and sitting at his old desk.  Even though that desk now belongs to Ron Troupe.  But it’s ok, everyone is a bit off their game since the murder of Adam Grant by the Toyman.


Cat Grant herself is falling apart completely, with both a gun and bottle, and it seems like Lois Lane’s compassion is not going to be enough to hold Cat together.


When Superman winds up in confrontation with Bloodsport, the villain fires off two high tech missiles. One is targeted on Jimmy Olsen, the other on Ron Troupe. Which one will Superman save?

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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