Adventures of Superman 506 – the secrets of Superboy’s creation


Superboy and Superman almost fight in Adventures of Superman 506 (Nov. 93), but Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood avoid the promise of the cover image.


Superboy fights off DNAliens he believes were sent by Cadmus.  Superman shows up to help, but Superboy is resentful Superboy is none too pleased to have Superman around, particularly as the hero talks down to the boy.  Superman discovers that Superboy has been living in Clark Kent’s old apartment.


When the Guardian shows up, with orders to bring Superboy back to Cadmus, Superboy refuses to go.  Superman agrees with the Guardian, and things almost get violent.  But Superman insists that they will just get some answers about how Superboy was cloned, and he will ensure that Cadmus will not be able to keep him.


Dubbliex explains the origin of Superboy. It turns out that Superboy was only a partial clone, that there was no way to duplicate Kryptonian DNA, so it was blended with that of a human – although the identity of his human donor is not revealed.  Superboy’s tactile telekinesis is also explained, and how it functions to allow him to fly.


With Superman having proven as good as his word, Superboy decides to return the favour, and give him the rights to the name, which he and Rex Leach had copyrighted.  Rex is reluctant to do so, but Roxy is the actual CEO, and more inclined to be helpful.

Superboy shortly spins out into his own book, bringing Rex and Roxy with him, as well as the artistic team from this book.


The final page introduces the new Bloodsport, setting up the next issue.


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