Adventures of Superman 504 – Superboy rides the missile


Superboy remains the focus of Adventures of Superman 504 (Sept. 93), even though the Reign of the Supermen story arc drives the plot.


Superman, Superboy and Steel arrive at Engine City to take on the Cyborg Superman and Mongul in this story by Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Even though Mongul and the Cyborg do not realize that Superman is the man in black, Mongul mocks the Cyborg, suggesting its his ghost. The Cyborg throttles Mongul, reminding him who is in charge.


The bad guys shoot off a giant rocket to destroy Metropolis, and Superboy takes charge of dismantling it, using his not-yet-understood power to shatter the bombs it contains.


When that fails to be enough, he struggles to divert the bomb’s path.  Tara Moon is back on the story for GBS, and is thrilled when Superboy changes the missile’s path, taking it out over the ocean. But then it explodes, and Superboy is nowhere in sight.

While the main plot of Reign of the Supermen continues in Action, this story gets followed up in the Adventures of Superman annual.


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