Adventures of Superman 503 – Superboy learns the truth about the Cyborg Superman


Reign of the Superman really heats up in the Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood story in Adventures of Superman 503 (Aug. 93).


The Cyborg Superman is in the ruins of Coast City, killing off the survivors while sending back inaccurate reports, concealing the construction going on there.  He requests Superboy’s help, which does not bode well for the boy.


Tana Moon wants to go with him, to be the reporter on the scene.  Vinnie Edge nixes this, not wanting Tana to be a threat to his control over Superboy.  Tana is forced to stay behind when Superboy heads west.


Meanwhile, someone in the Kryptonian battle suit leaves the Fortress and jumps off the Antarctic ice shelf, beginning a walk along the sea bed.


Superboy meets the Cyborg Superman, and they send a report before heading into the ruins of Coast City.  Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Ron Troupe and Lois Lane are listening, but only Lois catches his mistake, when the Cyborg makes an off-hand comment about having powers as a teenager, which Superman did not.


It turns out to be a good thing that Tana did not accompany Superboy, as the Cyborg destroys the GBS copter and those within it, before turning on the boy.


Superboy tries to fight back, and blows up part of the Cyborg’s arm, though neither of them understand how he did this.


Mongul, overseeing the construction, watches the scene with mild interest.  He may be working for the Cyborg Superman, but has plans beyond being a minion.


And Superboy?  Well, he does not fare too well in the fight.

The story continues in the next issue of Action

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