Adventures of Superman 502 – Superboy meets Supergirl


Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood continue with the Superboy saga in Adventures of Superman 502 (July 1993), as he has his first team-up, with Supergirl.


The two meet as they work together to save a car that has gone off a bridge.  Some wonderful art on the sequence, as Superboy shows himself to be a typical teen.


Rex Leach makes his debut, contacting a villain named Stinger.  Leach is actually a go-between, working for Vinnie Edge to set up Stinger to be taken down by Superboy on GBS.


Bibbo has a small part, trying to get a Krypton name tag for the dog, but winding up with Krypto instead.


Lex Luthor Jr has his sights on Superboy, and with Supergirl’s help gets the boy to agree to a contract that will have him working for Lexcorp.


But Vinnie Edge is playing the same game, using Rex’s daughter Roxy as the bait.  They get the contract signed first, giving GBS exclusive rights to Superboy.  Tana Moon is not impressed at the manipulations, but Edge calls her on this, as she did much the same thing in the previous issue.


The battle with Stinger turns out to be far more deadly than anticipated, resulting in a bridge explosion.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.



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