Adventures of Superman 500 – back from the dead


After a break of a few months, Adventures of Superman returns with issue 500 (Early June 1993), the bulk of which is by Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Although the issue had a pretty good 3D cover, I always think of it as pictured above, in the white plastic bag it came in.


The final issue of Funeral for a Friend saw Jonathan Kent die of a heart attack, and this story sees him find his son in the afterlife.


The comic intercuts a lot of scenes with the supporting cast, as Pa Kent fights to bring his son back from the dead.  We see Gangbuster fighting drug dealers and fleeing from the police.


Cat Grant is upset about Jose’s activities, which have driven them apart.  Vinnie Edge sees this as an opportunity to make the move on Cat.


There is also an entertaining sequence with the Prankster killing his cell mate, although this does not tie in to the larger storyline in any way.


Pa Kent gets separated from Clark, and winds up being tempted by Blaze, although he has no interest in her deal.


Kismet also encounters Pa Kent, and leads him to where he can find Superman.


Superman is being carted into a weird afterlife by demons who appear to be Kryptonians.  Pa Kent helps him see through the illusions, and together they enter a tunnel that will bring them back to the real world.


We see Pa Kent revive, to the delight of Lois Lane and Ma Kent, and he announces that Clark is alive as well.


Lois Lane convinces Inspector Henderson to open the tomb, and the find the body gone.


This is followed by four very brief stories, each one introducing a possible resurrected Superman.  Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke introduce the villainous White Rabbit just before John Henry Irons pulls himself out of the wreckage left by Doomsday.


Roger Stern, Jackson Guice and Denis Rodier show us the vicious Last Son of Krypton, who is pretty obviously the Eradicator.


Karl Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood take us to Cadmus, where the Newsboy Legion have helped Superboy escape, despite the Guardian’s efforts.


And Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding go the high tech route with the Cyborg Superman.

Each of these four continue to appear in one of the four ongoing Superman titles, which all return later in the month.

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