Adventures of Superman 499 – break in at the tomb


Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood continue with Funeral for a Friend, with the fifth chapter in Adventures of Superman 499 (Feb. 93).


Luthor’s sensors indicate activity inside Superman’s tomb, and Supergirl goes to investigate.  She finds that Superman’s body is gone, and a tunnel dug into the tomb.


Jose Delgado goes back into action as Gangbuster, taking on drug dealers, but having problems with the police.


Supergirl follows the tunnels, and so does Dan Turpin, heading in after her.  Both wind up in confrontation with the Underworlders, rejects from Cadmus.


An explosion seals off the tunnel, but Supergirl saves Turpin from the destruction.  Meanwhile, we see that Cadmus has Superman’s corpse.

The story continues in Action.


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