Adventures of Superman 495 – with the Forever People to Apokolips


Superman joins the Forever People for a story that serves as an overview of the New Gods in Adventures of Superman 495 (Oct. 92), by Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood.

The Forever People had last appeared during Panic in the Sky, but had not been featured in a few years, since their minseries ended.


Maya, the daughter of Big Bear and Beautiful Dreamer, has been kidnapped, and Mark Moonrider, Serifan and Vykin accompany them to Metropolis, as they seek out Superman’s help.


Superman agrees to join the Forever People as they head to Apokolips, certain that Maya must be there.


DeSaad sees them arrive, and calls out the parademons.  The Forever People merge with the Mother Box, calling forth the Infinity Man to battle alongside Superman.


Back on Earth, Vinnie Edge decides to produce a show on GBS featuring Giant Turtle Boy, and the pizza shop owner signs the contract without having a lawyer look it over, despite Jimmy Olsen’s concerns about this.


Darkseid becomes aware that Superman and the Forever People are on Apokolips, and summons them with his Omega Beams.  He is the only person able to split the Infinity Man back into the the team.  Darkseid insists that he did not have Maya abducted, but brings them to Granny Goodness’ orphanage.


Sure enough, that’s where Maya is.  Darkseid is not pleased with Granny’s actions, as it was certain to bring the New Gods to Apokolips.  He allows the heroes to leave with the child.


Highfather intercepts the Boom Tube, bringing them all to New Genesis.  He convinces the Forever People that Maya would be safer there than on Earth, and the team agrees, finally returning to Supertown after so many years.



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