Adventures of Superman 493 – the Blaze/Satanus War begins


Grummet and Hazelwood are back with Ordway in time to launch the Blaze/Satanus War in Adventures of Superman 493 (Aug. 92).


Blaze, making herself look all angelic, saves Foswell from killing himself, and promises that things will change for him.  And she is good to her word.  Foswell heads to Newstime, where he gets hired by Collin Thornton, though when they touch there is a dangerous spark of electricity, the result of Blaze’s power within Foswell, though neither realize this.


Jimmy Olsen is doing a personal appearance as Giant Turtle Boy, from a pizza commercial he did while unemployed.  He gets knocked out by the other actor after a brief fight, and has a vision of Jerry White warning him that Blaze is back.


Foswell is completely oblivious to the fact that each reflective surface he passes allows Blaze’s demons entry into the Newstime building.  But they are drawing enough attention from others that Jimmy and Lois both enter to see what is going on, while Lois makes an excuse, allowing Clark to get away and change into Superman.


As yet, none of the other characters are aware that Thornton is Satanus, so Superman thinks he might be responsible for what is going on.  Which is all according to Blaze’s plan.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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