Adventures of Superman 492 – Pete Ross goes to jail


Jerry Ordway, Peter Krause and Keith Williams conclude the Sons of Liberty story from the previous issue of Superman in Adventures of Superman 492 (July 1992).


Pete Ross is sentenced to prison for bringing a gun into the chambers, the gun that was used to kill Major Holcroft before he could reveal what the Sons of Liberty were up to.  Agent Liberty oversees all of this, and is getting completely disgusted with the manipulations of the organization that he is a part of.


Still, when Superman wants answers he holds him off, letting the other operatives distract Superman, so he can make his escape.


But having learned how the judge in charge of the group has been using everyone to further his own ends, Liberty takes his stand, and kills him.  He steals enough documents, sending them to the press, to expose all that the group has done, but keep his own name out of it.


Pete Ross, now cleared, gets released into the loving arms of Lana Lang – but you can’t help but note Superman’s awkwardness as they embrace.


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