Adventures of Superman 488 – Brainiac has problems with his allies


There are just far too many guest stars in Adventures of Superman 488 (March 1992) for me to list them all, as Panic in the Sky continues from the previous issue of Superman, with Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood at the helm.


Brainiac’s headship continues to attack Metropolis in advance of its creator’s arrival.  Superman leads the other heroes is trying to rebuff its assault.


Warworld approaches Earth, with Brainiac in complete command.  He sends the alien warriors down to Earth to cause even more problems for the heroes.


But Brainiac is probably underestimating just how many characters are taking part in this story arc.


With Warworld close enough, Superman, Wonder Woman, Deathstroke, Captain Marvel and Agent Liberty head there, and Brainiac sends Draaga, Maxima and the mind-controlled Matrix/Supergirl to fight them.  But at the same time, Brainiac has to fend off a mental assault by Dubbilex, and loses control of Supergirl.


Superman defeats Draaga again, but enlists his aid against Brainiac.  Maxima, seeing how the tide has turned, flees.

The story continues in the next issue of Action


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