Adventures of Superman 487 – a very Bibbo Christmas


Drunks try to play Santa in Adventures of Superman 487 (Feb. 92), by Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood.


But there is also some murder and scheming in this story, as Senator Caldwell is killed by the Sons of Liberty.  Pete Ross, his aide, who has just started living with Lana Lang, learns that he has been appointed to serve out the remainder of the senator’s term.


Agent Liberty investigates the murder, and finds the clues the Sons of Liberty left, implicating Marlo, the leader of Qurac, but his suspicions are aroused.


Bibbo leads the crew from the Ace Of Clubs to the orphanage, wanting to hand out gifts, though the staff are a little concerned about the odd, drunken men.  Superman shows up, to lend his authority and level-headedness.


Bibbo also calls Jimmy Olsen’s extremely worried mother, and she gets re-united with her son.

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