Adventures of Superman 485 – breaking in to Superman’s mind


Blackout has its concluding chapter in Adventures of Superman 485 (Dec. 91), by Ordway, Janke, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Emil Hamilton, Lois Lane and Guardian find the island that Superman and Mr. Z are on, just in time to prevent the amnesiac Superman from marrying Lola La.


They take Superman back to Metropolis, but leave Mr. Z there, where he is happy and harmless, and about to start a romance with Lola La.  We never see him again, but he gets left in a tropical paradise, so why would he want to go?


Rather than risk bringing Emil Hamilton into Cadmus, Dubbliex ventures out, and with Hamilton’s help he enters Superman’s mind.  Together they break through the barriers and restore his memory of who he is.  Nice use of the classic Fortress door to represent the way into his subconscious.


Emil Hamilton winds up getting arrested for causing the blackout, but is quickly bailed out by the big hero of the day, the man who ended it, Lex Luthor Jr.


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