Adventures of Superman 483 – moving the piano


Ordway and Hazelwood are joined by Jim Fern on Adventures of Superman 483 (Oct. 91), one of the most entertainingly silly stories to grace these pages.


Superman stops two men from stealing a piano, which almost falls onto two of the regulars at the Ace O’Clubs.  Through the remainder of the tale they attempt to get the piano to the bar, with all the slapstick that Laurel and Hardy would be able to play on it.


Complicating issues is the return of Blindspot, a former hire by Intergang who appeared a couple of years earlier in Action Comics.  He has tech that turns him invisible, and wants vengeance against Slam Bradley, who captured him last time.


Cat Grant and Jose Delgado get involved in the farce as well, as the piano almost wipes them out.


Blindspot tries to kill Slam, but the piano winds up messing that up as well.  Superman sees what is going on, but does not want to jump in, save the day, and leave Jose feeling humiliated.  He uses his heat vision to short out Blindspot’s device, rendering him visible, and leaving him to Jose and Slam.


And it ends in true comedy fashion, with a song and dance.  Emil Hamilton also had a storyline in this issue, taking a waitress out on a date, but she ends off dancing with Bibbo as a drunk Emil hammers away at the piano.



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