Adventures of Superman 481 – the Parasite goes underground


The Parasite was the one Superman villain to slip through the cracks of Crisis on Infinite Earths.  He had appeared with Firestorm, the Suicide Squad and Starman, and though Superman had joined Starman against the energy-sponging felon, Adventures of Superman 481 (Aug. 91) marked the Parasite’s first appearance in a Superman book since the reboot.


Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood open the issue as Jimmy misses the subway, late for an interview at Newstime.  He is very upset that he did not get onto the car, but it really worked out pretty well for him, as the Parasite leaches the power from the third rail, stopping the car, and then kills everyone within it.  The Parasite is cloaked throughout this tale, perhaps to make his identity a mystery?  Didn’t work for me.  It was obvious who the purple energy eater was.


But Jimmy knows none of this, and is feeling like his day has gone terribly.  By the time he reaches Newstime, Collin Thornton has already hired Ron Troupe for the position.


Superman is repulsed by the carnage in the subway, but does not realize at first who is responsible.


The story checks in with Lana Lang and Pete Ross.  Clark has been calling for Lana, to talk about his engagement with Lois, but she is avoiding the calls.  In a very nice sequence, they start watching a movie about a janitor exposed to radioactive waste – the origin of the Parasite.


Superman makes his first contact with the Parasite – or perhaps I should put that the other way around, as Rudy Jones drains not only the energy, but also some of the memories, of the hero before taking off.


Amanda Waller cameos as Maggie Sawyer confirms that the Parasite had escaped from Belle Reve.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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