Adventures of Superman 478 – what powers the final time jump


Jurgens and Breeding conclude Time and Time Again in Adventures of Superman 478 (May 1991), in a story that crosses over into the current Legion of Super-Heroes book.


The location is the Moon, inhabited in the future world, but under threat by Dev-Em, a much darker version of the pre-Crisis Knave from Krypton.  This one is still from the 20th century, sent forward in time by Mon-El, and opens the issue by pounding Laurel Gand to crap.  Cosmic Boy and Chameleon Boy have cameos, but are not major players in this chapter.


The various subplots reach their ending, as Bibbo falls off his stool, Jimmy’s mother completely ruins his date with Lucy, Alice and Perry White decide to take a Caribbean cruise and Booster Gold repairs Skeets.


Superman meets the adult versions of the Legionnaires Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, as well as the no longer shrinking Violet.  Timber Wolf is in his Furball state.


In dealing with Dev-Em, they discover that the Dominators not only have a secret base on the Moon, they rigged the entire sphere with bombs, in case they needed to destroy it to take over Earth. But Dev-Em now holds those controls.


The battle to prevent the Moon’s destruction is intense and well paced.  A sigh of relief comes when they stop the explosion, but the relief is short lived.


This was the time and place that all of Superman’s time jumps had been leading him, the “path” the Linear Man took him on.  The destruction of the Moon was meant to occur, and the blast would be powerful enough to send Superman home.  But Superman’s presence altered history.  Fixing everything, to Superman’s horror, the Linear Man sets off the bombs.


And the Moon goes boom.  The effects of this would be felt through the Legion’s book, beginning with the following issue.


Superman finds himself still on the Moon, but back in his own time.  A success, but not much of a victory.

And a great story arc.


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