Adventures of Superman 477 – Superman and the Legion vs the Sun-Eater


Superman is back with the Legion of Super-Heroes in the fourth installment of Time and Time Again, in the Jurgens and Breeding story from Adventures of Superman 477 (April 1991).


At first, Superman has no idea where he is after his latest time jump.  He is fairly certain that he is not on Earth, but cannot tell if he is in the far future or distant past.


We spend a lot of time with the Legion in this issue.  It’s the 70s version, with the cool Mike Grell disco costumes.  Lightning Lad is joined by Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, Shrinking Violet and Wildfire as they debate how to handle another Sun-Eater that has entered the galaxy, the last one having cost Ferro Lad his life.


Superman turns out to be in the same time period as the Legionnaires, and fairly close to where the Sun-Eater is.  Wildfire is sure that he can deal with the Sun-Eater alone, but of course he is wrong.  Besides, Superman needs the explosive energy of the Sun-Eater’s destruction to move him to his next point in time.


And though Superman has figured out that the massive explosions are powering his jumps, he has not yet realized that the Linear Man is using these to lead Superman to the time period he needs him to be in.



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