Adventures of Superman 476 – Time and Time Again begins


Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding begin the Time and Time Again story arc in Adventures of Superman 476 (March 1991).  The story would run though seven issues, crossing over to the other Superman books, but concluding in this series, two issues down the road.

One of the main thrusts of this tale was to work Superman back into the history of the Legion of Super-Heros, and that thread would run predominantly in this book.


The story takes place shortly after Clark reveals to Lois Lane that he is really Superman, a revelation prompted by their engagement.  Lois is just not certain that she wants all the baggage that will come from being married to a super-hero.


The Linear Man arrives in this time period, hunting for Booster Gold, who has defied the rules of time by coming back to live in the past.  The Linear Man finds Skeets, who had not been seen since the cancellation of Booster’s book, and using it, tracks down Booster Gold.


Their fight draws the attention of Superman, who is none too fond of Booster Gold, but still won’t let him be carted away by the Linear Man.  But in getting involved, Superman winds up ripping a hole through time, and getting sucked through it, along with the Linear Man.  We see Bibbo sit down to have some beer, Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane on a date, and Lexcorp executives pondering Luthor’s will – all subplots that will play out through the story arc, though largely in the other books.


Lois Lane was also drawn by the explosive hole in time, and Booster Gold gives her the best explanation he can as to what has happened.


Superman finds himself in the 30th century, meeting the Legion of Super-Heroes shortly after the group formed, when it was just the original three members, Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl.  The dramatic costumes changes that the Legionnaires had over the years works very well in this tale, giving a short and easy way to know exactly what period of Legion’s history each appearance takes place in.

The story continues in the next issue of Action Comics.


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