Adventures of Superman 473 – Guy Gardner tugs on Superman’s cape


Superman teams with two Green Lanterns in the Jurgens and Thibert story in Adventures of Superman 473 (Dec. 90).


Superman spots a glowing “S” symbol, and correctly assumes that it’s a sign for help from a Green Lantern, but when he checks with Guy Gardner, he finds that this is the wrong one.  Realizing it must be Hal who needs help, Superman is about to head off.  But Guy, who has already managed to irritate Superman in a few brief panels, decides to accompany him.


And Hal does need help.  He has stumbled upon the secret base where Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught hang out, and has fallen into the hands of a giant purple alien, who has stolen and drained his power battery.  Nice going, Hal.


Jimmy Olsen spreads the news about Lois and Clark getting engaged.  Perry is too upset about Jerry’s death to care, but Cat Grant is openly shocked.


Hal redeems himself somewhat by retrieving his power battery after the alien uses the energy to blast Superman.  But the alien remains plenty charged up from what he has already stolen.


Superman adds his will power to that of the Lanterns, and together they manage to overpower him.  He had been in control of the base since his ship crashed, and Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught were his minions. Superman allows the alien to leave, as long as he takes the pair with him, and to Superman’s delight, we never see Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught again.

This story takes place shortly after Green Lantern begins his new series, following his run in Action Comics Weekly – you can tell by the grey hair.



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