Adventures of Superman 475 – lots of villains in Happyland


Happyland, the amusement park run by DeSaad back in 70’s Forever People, makes a return in the Jurgens and Thibert story in Adventures of Superman 475 (Feb. 91).


Gillespie is running the restored park on behalf of Mannheim and Intergang, and both the Toyman and Killgrave have had a hand in its restored figures.  The smiling man to the left of the picture did appear in the original Forever People story.  Intergang has plans to use the place as a cover, but with all the other villains in the tale, there are a lot of agendas at play here.  Which helps make this story an awful lot of fun.


Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane attend the opening, but get kidnapped, as do a number of other guests, by Sleez.  Curiously, Sleez, the Toyman and Killgrave, who have all been part of the Superman universe since the reboot, are all making their first appearances in this book since the title change.


When the Toyman finds out what Sleez is up to, he brings the giant figures to life to save the children.  but Killgrave takes control of them, using them to attack Superman when he shows up.  Gillespie is just worried that Mannheim will kill him when all this gets exposed.


The Toyman is not pleased with Killgrave’s use of the mannequins, and helps Superman against him.  Sleez appears to die in an explosion, but we’ve seen that before.  Still, he never does return.  Killgrave tries to escape in a rocket ship ride he had rigged, but Toyman ruins that plan.

With so many villains around, and so much chaos, Superman never winds up looking any deeper, and the park remains open and in the hands of Intergang when the story ends.

Love it.


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