Adventures of Superman 472 – without powers, but in battle


Jurgens and Thibert provide the second chapter in Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite in Adventures of Superman 472 (Nov. 90), following the first chapter in the recent issue of Superman.


Superman has no idea why his powers have mysteriously vanished, and goes to Emil Hamilton for some answers.  Emil has no idea either, and can only tell Superman that his body simply no longer processes sunlight the way it did.  He is now completely human.


Not willing to give up his role as a hero just yet, Superman and Emil put together a few devices that will help him.  A force field belt, an armored vest, some climbing gear.  Little of it winds up working as well as they had hoped.


Mammoth goes on a rampage in Metropolis, just wanting to get a present for his sister’s birthday.  Superman winds up having to dodge Maggie Sawyer’s most powerful weaponry when the Special Crimes Unit opens up on Mammoth while Superman is there.  In the end, Superman succeeds simply by bluffing Mammoth, who does not seem to notice the vest poking through the costume.


The issue ends as Superman contacts Kitty Faulkner, asking for the aid of Starman.  And the story continues in Starman’s next issue.


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