Adventures of Superman 471 – Sinbad takes on Luthor


The Sinbad storyline continues from the previous issue of Superman in the story by William Messner-Loebs, Curt Swan and Dennis Janke in Adventures of Superman 471 (Oct. 90).


Luthor is becoming quite ill, and racked with pain from his kryptonite poisoning.  But that does not lessen his general evilness.


Davood’s sister insists that if he returns the belt that gives him his Sinbad powers and explains the situation, all will be well with Luthor.  She tries to do this, only to find Luthor intends to keep her and torture her for information.  Sinbad bursts in, wearing the real belt, and frees his sister.

But now Luthor knows who has the belt, and plans to play up Sinbad as a Quraci terrorist.

Superman really doesn’t get to do much at all in this chapter.

The story concludes in the next issue of Action.


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