Adventures of Superman 470 – the death of Jerry White


Soul Search concludes in the Jurgens and Thibert story in Adventures of Superman 470 (Aug. 90).


The story has both Jerry White and Jimmy Olsen in the hospital in critical condition, as their souls languish in Blaze’s realm.  Gangbuster and the Black Racer face off against Blaze in the ruins of her club, but she vanishes into her magical realm.


There, Superman struggles against her constructs to try to free Jimmy and Jerry before she devours their souls.


The story cuts away briefly, as Lana Lang sells her family farm.  Pete Ross has been growing closer to Lana, and admits his long infatuation with her.


Despite all that Superman has tried to do, Blaze kisses Jerry White, taking his soul, which kills his body.


Superman does manage to flee with Jimmy and save his life, leaving Blaze trapped beneath a falling wall of her own creation.  The Black Racer takes Jerry’s spirit, so I guess Blaze didn’t get all of his soul. Dr. Fate and Raven have cameos, reacting to the supernatural overflow.


And Luthor mourns the loss of his only son.


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