Adventures of Superman 469 – aliens in Smallville


Some old enemies make a surprise return as Dan Jurgens goes solo in Adventures of Superman 469 (Aug. 90).


The story picks up immediately after the ending of the previous issue of Superman, as Lois and Clark get fireworks for their big kiss.  Some water gets doused on this when Lana Lang and Pete Ross happen by.


But all that gets pushed to the side when an alien ship just up and lands in Smallville, in plain view of everyone.  Two creatures emerge, and though Superman tries to fight them, it becomes clear that they are not really interested in him.


Their targets are Psi-Phon and Dreadnaught, making a not very impressive comeback.  Knowing Psi-Phon’s tricks, and having had some more experience with holding off psychic attacks, the pair are no longer any match for Superman.


The story takes a humourous turn, as Dreadnaught’s wife shows up, and we discover that their story about being an advance force for an invasion was a lie, and they are just a pair of runaway husbands.


Superman allows them to leave, but the story ends on an interesting note, as the ship heads to a secret military base.  Clearly there is much more going on that anyone knows. Psi-Phon and Dreadnought return down the road.


And the issue itself ends on a much darker note, as Blaze turns Jerry White’s delivery of money into cockroaches.


The gangsters are not impressed, and gun down down Jerry and Jimmy Olsen, leading in to the next big story arc, which begins in the next issue of Action.

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