Adventures of Superman 468 – the return of Hank Henshaw


Hank Henshaw is back in the Jurgens and Thibert tale from Adventures of Superman 468 (July 1990).


The story has a very creepy opening, as workers at a Lexcorp plant see machinery come to life, and speak.


Hank Henshaw did not die two issues ago as it appeared.  Rather, he became an energy being capableof merging with electronics.  But his actions also disrupt power supplies, leading to blackouts, phones going dead, and even an airplane almost crashing.  But he is unaware of this, simply wanting to see his wife again, even though his presence drives the already traumatized woman out of her mind.


While most of those around perceive the mechanical being as some kind of monster, Superman realizes that this really is Henshaw. But also has to break the news to him that visiting his wife has driven her into a coma.


Distraught, he heads out into space, merging with the wreckage of the birthing matric that brought Superman to Earth.  It had been floating out in orbit since the events of Superman 1.  Bonding with it, Hank creates himself a craft and heads off to explore the universe.  But he will return in a couple of years.


The end of the story has Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane going out for a date to the new hot nightclub, Blaze’s.  Jerry White, who hasn’t been seen in quite a while, runs into Jimmy, literally.  He appears to have gone back to the sketchy side, delivering a mysterious paper bag to someone.


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