Adventures of Superman 467 – Batman keeps his secrets


Adventures of Superman 467 (Aug. 90) has the second chapter of Dark Knight Over Metropolis, as Batman helps Superman investigate the death of Amanda McCoy.  He is already in possession of the kryptonite ring, and knows far more than he lets on to Superman throughout this story.  The first major team-up of these characters in the post-Crisis universe, there is far more distrust between them at this point than we are used to seeing, thanks to Jurgens and Thibert.


But then, Batman doesn’t really trust most people, and refuses to even discuss the case with Superman as long as Gangbuster is around.


That’s a real shame, as it leaves Jose Delgado open to being set-up by Chiller, impersonating Cat Grant, and then taken down by Shockwave.  The pair had been hired by Intergang to abduct Cat Grant, and with Jose down for the count, Chiller now takes his form. Chiller and Shockwave had not been seen since the cancellation of Booster Gold, the series in which they debuted.


Steve Lombard makes his first post-Crisis appearance in a cameo as Intergang attacks the Lexcorp journalism awards, which Cat is at, along with Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  Morgan Edge is incensed that Lombard is broadcasting an Intergang hit on GBS just before Edge goes to trial.


And though Superman disposes of the Intergang squad, with an assist by Batman, they were really only there as a distraction, to allow Chiller to make off with Cat Grant.

The story concludes in the next issue of Action.


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