Adventures of Superman 464 – Superman vs Lobo in the Fortress of Solitude


Adventures of Superman 464 (March 1990) contains the second installment of the Day of the Krypton Man storyline, by Jurgens and Thibert, which follows events from the previous issue of Superman.


Lobo, along with Raof and Bibbo, track Superman’s “scent” to the Antarctic, and discover his secret Fortress.  Lobo has been hired to fight Superman, and Bibbo now has the camera glasses to record the event.  But all three get progressively drunk as the issue plays out.


There is also some set-up for later events in this story arc, as Draaga and this version of Space Cabbie nearly collide with Maxima’s ship.


Superman is none too pleased to have intruders in the Fortress, although Lobo proves more of a nuisance than a challenge.  Superman simply wants to get rid of him.


In the end he uses the Kryptonian battle suit as a sacrifice, allowing the very drunk Lobo to believe that he won.  But the alien booze the three have been drinking causes short term memory loss, and by the time they reach the gamblers who sent them out, neither Lobo nor Raof recall who won.  The camera glasses are no help, as Bibbo was wearing them backwards, and only recorded his eyes.

Throughout the battle we see the Eradicator glowing menacingly.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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