Adventures of Superman 463 – the Superman/Flash race, Mxyzptlk style


With a great variation on the cover of the original Superman issue to pit him against the Flash in a round the world race, Jurgens and Thibert pull off the most entertaining of all the Superman/Flash races in Adventures of Superman 463 (Feb. 90).


Clark Kent begins his new job as managing editor at Newstime, and impresses Collin Thornton with his intelligence and ability to handle people.


Mxyzptlk shows up, adding his face to Mt. Rushmore, and is disappointed at first when the Flash shows up instead of Superman.  But then, a casual comment by the Flash makes him decide that the two heroes should race.  Superman is none to keen on the idea, but after he says that it would be a race between Superman and Kid Flash, Wally takes exception, and insists that the race occur.


Mxyzptlk sets the track, and adds chaos along the way for his own amusement.  He also comes across Lex Luthor, no longer Brainiac’s prisoner, hunting for kryptonite.  Mxyzptlk helpfully makes some, but it is red, and has no radioactivity.  Luthor throws it away.  Although no real attention is drawn to this, Mxyzptlk must have the same red-green colour blindness that his pre-Crisis forerunner had.


The race comprises much of the issue, but there are a lot of cameos as well.  Wally’s Justice League Europe comrades Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Metamorpho and Power Girl are all rooting for him, while Justice League America members Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Mr. Miracle and the Martian Manhunter are backing Superman, if only because the Flash is on the rival team.


Most of the regular supporting cast are also following the race.  But aside from Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lois and Lucy Lane, Cat Grant, Collin Thornton, Jose Delgado, Emil Hamilton, the Kents and Lana Lang, we also see Joan Garrick, the wife of the original Flash.


The heroes are shown far more exhausted than is usually portrayed at the end of these races, and the Flash takes a definite victory.  This was not what Mxyzptlk intended.  He was only going to leave if the Flash won, but was planning on Superman to be victorious.


Convinced that they somehow tricked him, he is furious, but departs.


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