Adventures of Superman 460 – the Eradicator builds


The Eradicator is not down for the count, showing more of its impressive capacities in Adventures of Superman 460 (Nov. 89), by Jurgens and Andy Kubert.


Collin Thornton, the editor of Newstime magazine, makes his debut in this issue, coming to the Daily Planet in search of Clark Kent, but running into Lois Lane instead.  Thornton expresses his interest in hiring Kent away from the Planet, as an editor.


Superman is busy with other things.  Disturbing tremors are emerging from the Antarctic, and when Superman heads down to investigate he finds that the Eradicator has constructed a huge tower, as well as a vast underground chamber.


It has taken control of the minds of two explorers, who recently appeared in Action Comics.  Now they are dressed as Kryptonians, and speaking the language as the help construct the Eradicator’s base, pulling Kryptonian items through an odd dimensional gate.


Superman tries to stop, or take control of, the Eradicator, but this time the machine refuses to back down, and Superman winds up in its clutches, unconscious.


As the issue ends, Clark Kent is back in Metropolis, chatting with Lois as if nothing has happened.  Clearly, something very bad has.

The story continues in the next issue.


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