Adventures of Superman 459 – the source of Jimmy’s problems


Jimmy Olsen’s stretching problems continue to be the centre of attention in the Perez, Jurgens and Dan Tula story in Adventures of Superman 459 (Oct. 89).


Superman comes to check on Jimmy, at Emil Hamilton’s lab.  After they eliminate the possibility of an alien bacteria being the cause of his stretching, Superman suggests the Eradicator might be responsible.  Sure enough, all he has to do is bring it out and it goes wild, zapping Jimmy and creating the stretching problem again.


Being a Kryptonian device, it is able to hold off Superman.  But once he surrounds it with his cape, the machine simply stops functioning.  Although it continues to float in the air of its own volition, so Superman does not trust this “dormant” state.


Although reluctant to get rid of the one artifact that links him to his homeworld, Superman encases the Eradicator in lead, and disposes of it in a crack in the Antarctic ice.  But we see that it continues to glow.

The story continues in the next issue.


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