Adventures of Superman 457 – an inconvenient symbiosis


Intergang gets the cover of Adventures of Superman 457 (Aug. 89), but Matrix proves more of a problem in the story itself, by George Perez and Roger Stern, with art by Dan Jurgens and Ty Templeton.


Clark calls Ma and Pa Kent to check on Matrix, but winds up talking to Lana instead.  Although both think all is well, Lana discovers that Matrix was repeating the same words Clark had said to her on the phone.  Their mental link increases as the story progresses, becoming a physical link by the end, as they duplicate each others actions.  Lana tries to help Matrix, but winds up in jeopardy by the end of the story.


It’s the big journalism awards night in Metropolis.  Cat Grant is at the Daily Planet table, along with Perry White and his wife Alice.  Lois Lane is mending fences with Clark.  The period when everyone thought he was dead made her realize how hard she had been on him, and how much she actually likes him.  Jimmy is cold to Cat Grant at first, and she apologizes for leading him on.  Jimmy concedes that it was mostly in his own mind, and they becomes friends again.


All this positive happy energy gets blasted away when Mannheim sends an Intergang hit squad to the banquet to kill the Planet reporters.  Superman saves the day, but almost kills one of the Intergang goons when the bond with Matrix gets too strong.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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